We design, build, install and maintain water gardens and waterfalls complete with all of the amenities.

Spring and Fall pond opening and cleaning services

Pond Maintenance and Management
  • Pond cleaning, refurbishment and restoration services
  • Maximum efficiency and clarity
  • Professional evaluation and consultation

Imaginatively Designed & Exquisitely Installed
Handcrafted gardens one at a time
You can expect that I will design and install an appealing water garden at your homesite that blends naturally into your setting.
We use a little bit of technology and a lot of natural resources to create an ecologically balanced environment that minimizes algae and requires little maintenance.
Just imagine...

Water lilies and lotuses, ornamental goldfish and Koi, the enchanting sight and sound of a waterfall gently cascading over rock ledges...

...or even more dramatic a vertical waterfall... and your pace slows.
At your option... Come Spring and Fall, we'll also maintain your watergarden setting - springerize and winterize, if you will...
With 42 years of experience as an artist and aquatics specialist, upon meeting me, your confidence and anticipation will quickly gain momentum.
Over the course of 42 years, we have designed, installed and maintained hundreds of pond environments.
Our customers are primarily located in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties, plus North Wilmington.
Give us a call or email me to make an appointment to accompany you on a walking tour of your home site.
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