We have installed and repaired hundreds of outdoor lighting projects for over 25 years. We´ll create an enchanting night time effect at your homesite that will delight you, family, friends and passers-by.

Whether you reside in Delaware County, Chester County, on the Main Line, or in surrounding areas, Land & Seascapes is the most reliable, dedicated and most creative outdoor lighting contractor, designer and installer.

I´m Steven Katz (owner) and I personally will be on site working on your project.
We feature products from every professional landscape lighting manufacturer including Cast, Hadco, Focus, Nightscaping and Escort.
I’ll create an enchanting and inviting outdoor lighting design concept for you.
Untitled photo
Untitled photo
Landscape lighting will accent and create an enchanting effect on your home and outdoor environment settings.
We'll create an irresistible ambiance to your garden with landscape illumination.
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Our fixtures and transformers have unparalleled warranties - many 10 years and longer.
We'll choose fixtures to accent, highlight, uplight, shadow, silhouette, graze, firefly and more...
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Untitled photo
My lighting showcase features so many styles and effects including copper, bronze, brass, stained glass, powder coat, verdé and more.

Give us a call or email me to make an appointment to accompany you on a walking tour of your home site.
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